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19 free wallpaper pictures that look refreshingly

Before posting this, we specifically googled “free desktop wallpaper” and boy, was it bad! Why is it that things you don’t have to pay for tend to leave you visually traumatized? This had to stop, so we put together a list of wallpapers (from the free trial of Wallpaper Wizard 2) that give your eyes a break from the cheesy landscapes in Google Images.

So here, get yourself some of these wallpapers for free:

  1. Ice wall

    This icy texture is literally refreshing and looks especially ace on a large Apple display with its minimalist aluminum frame (the resolution is sufficient, too). For more free HD wallpapers, check out the All the Walls collection here.

  2. Other High Sierra

    Traditionally, the newly released macOS comes with jaw-dropping photos of the namesake mountain range, and our Hi, High Sierra collection here shows you the famed landscape from new and different angles.

  3. Peace and quiet

    This scene from the Light at Sea collection is what oh-so-many people long for on a crazy Monday morning: not a soul around, no internet, no cell. Set the free wallpaper background on your Mac as a promise you’ll have yourself some peace-and-quiet time soon.

  4. Fly, butterfly

    Put enough butterflies in warm autumn colors on a dark surface and you’ve got an original texture from the Natural Textures collection of beautiful wallpapers.

  5. Summer jam

    There’s something 1950-ish about combining bright, plastic shades of turquoise and red. This free desktop picture from the Sweet and Sour collection makes you slightly nostalgic for both the summer and the juicy pop art aesthetic.

  6. Colorcycle

    Motorcycles aren’t a common subject for childish drawings like this one, but we say it’s as good a subject as any. For more whimsical art, check out the Drawings collection of laptop wallpaper.

  7. In oil

    Photos of an artistic process can look just as good as its result. At least that’s what we thought when flipping through the Handicraft collection of wallpapers here.

  8. Fall in Technicolor

    This photo of foliage from the October Gold collection looks almost artificial, like a film in Technicolor. It sure makes an original—and free—wallpaper for your computer.

  9. Nautilus

    It’s bewildering how nature makes perfect shapes like this spiral and why you see them in everything from shells to DNA. So, if for nothing else, use this free background from the Seashell collection for a moment of reflection.

  10. White rabbit

    We’ll refrain from allusions to Alice in Wonderland, Jefferson Airplane, and our own icon. It’s just a cute white rabbit on succulent grass that makes a seriously good-looking background (tested). Check it out in the Deep Green collection here.

  11. Spirals of time

    This black-and-white photo captures just a moment out of the several centuries these winding stairs have witnessed. For more free desktop backgrounds in monochrome, check out the Time Stands Still collection of images.

  12. Your own personal jungle

    Tropical leaf patterns are still all the rage, so get yourself a trendy free wallpaper in HD with lush green foliage. It’s here in the So Succulent collection of backgrounds.

  13. Dusty memories

    Maybe one day your Instagram account will be the equivalent of the dusty family album your grandkids will roll their eyes at, but for now retro photos are still here with their unique charm. And sometimes photos of old photos make solid Mac backgrounds—like those from the Old Memories collection here.

  14. Freeze the moment

    The metaphor may be a little on the nose, but the aesthetic is flawless. Dark battered wood and rusty metal—you have to have this on your desktop. Get this and more HD wallpapers for free in the Clockface collection here.

  15. Pure perfection

    The Vegan Heaven collection is filled to the brim with juicy photos, but the one we liked the most stands out, because it’s so clean and minimal. Check them all out and pick some free laptop wallpaper to your taste.

  16. Rainbow glass

    Colored glass can liven up just about anything—be it an old kitchen that begs for a renovation or a bland and boring screen. Ruffle through the Home Decor collection, it has plenty of ideas both for your home and for your desktop.

  17. À la Japan

    Pure, minimalist images in white and pastel colors are just perfect for Mac. See how yours will look with free wallpaper images from the Minimalism collection here.

  18. Eerie aerial

    Isn’t it funny how when you look at something familiar really close or from afar it seems completely different? Check out the View From Above collection of aerial wallpapers and see for yourself.

  19. New green

    Spring comes in all shades and colors, but fresh green and blue are at top of the list. Get this free spring wallpaper from the Hue of Life collection to spruce up your Mac in a dull gray office.

Liked any of those? Give Wallpaper Wizard 2 a try and see what they look like on your own desktop. After all, it’s free and has no side effects.

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