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22 best wallpapers for Mac, worthy of your Instagram.

Instagram has become a cult: globetrotters’ accounts give people wanderlust, fashion bloggers’ photos motivate Instagrammers to go on shopping sprees, and mouth-watering food pics, well, make mouths water. And the reason these pictures are so powerful is that they’re so very good.

People have grown to expect good photos, even from amateurs, and even as their desktop pictures. If you’re one of those Internet aesthetes, you’ll appreciate these 22 best wallpapers for Mac that follow the Instagram beauty standard. All backgrounds are from Wallpaper Wizard 2, so get the app on the Mac App Store to set them on your desktop.

The best wallpapers with an Instagram-y look:

  1. Mountain retreat

    The best HD wallpapers don’t just look good, they suit your taste and mood. Like this screen wallpaper from the Mountain Residence collection that will help you feel tranquil every time you feel like it.

  2. Details matter

    Strong colors, defined shapes and lines are what the best desktop backgrounds should have. This laptop wallpaper from the Amsterdam Aura collection looks like the perfect shot from a cyclist’s Instagram profile.

  3. Misty paths

    Why do people love mountains? Maybe because they teach you patience, or because they help you get to know yourself. Whatever the reason, one thing is clear: mountains are beautiful, and so are the wallpapers from the Mountain Calling collection in Wallpaper Wizard.

  4. Good morning

    Flowers can brighten up even the gloomiest morning. Get this laptop wallpaper from the Scandinavian Design collection and start every day right.

  5. Stylish outfit

    We believe your outfit sets the tone for the day. But sometimes a new stylish wallpaper for your laptop from the Young and Glamorous collection is enough to do exactly that.

  6. Art is everywhere

    Instagram is about finding something exceptional in ordinary things. Get this wallpaper for your MacBook from the Traveler’s Footprints collection to look at everyday objects from unusual viewpoints.

  7. Morning treat

    Get one of the tasty wallpaper pictures from The Art of Cooking collection to become Instagram-hungry every time you look at your desktop.

  8. Faraway places

    If you enjoy every moment of life, the best background for you is one of these amazing wallpapers from the Precious Memories collection. Let it be your inspiration for living a life to remember.

  9. Creative cloud

    Some Instagram photos are so spectacular that you can’t take your eyes off them. And backgrounds from Wallpaper Wizard 2 are exactly like that. Feel free to contemplate the eye-catching wallpaper photos in the Easy People collection as long as you want.

  10. Must-take photo

    Every true Instagrammer must have a street style photo with a bike. Especially since they make the best desktop wallpapers. Get this hip pic from the Life Is a Ride collection of high quality wallpapers and stay on-trend.

  11. Greetings from the past

    Retro cars are mind-blowing and make classy pictures. Just look at the great wallpapers from the Vintage Cars collection: they’ll give you a lift whenever you look at your desktop.

  12. Warning! Cute content

    If you follow no less than three Instagram accounts of cats, our best cat wallpapers are obviously for you. Cat pictures are waiting here in the Meow collection of wallpapers for your MacBook.

  13. Trail to the river

    Travel photos not only make you fall in love with the new places, they inspire you to see more of the world. Get the best travel backgrounds from the Forest Adventure collection that will remind you to travel more.

  14. Going home

    Roads can make the best HD wallpapers if you manage to see their beauty and meaning. Check out the On the Road collection to get lots of uncommon Instagram-worthy backgrounds.

  15. Bygone days

    Unusual object + fancy filter = the best desktop background in HD. Get the Photo Filter collection of wallpaper pictures and choose a new one whenever you want.

  16. Set to work

    Some people can’t start working until their workplace is perfectly set up: the phone’s fully charged, the coffee’s made, and the world’s best wallpaper is on the desktop. If you’re one of those perfectionists, check out our Flower Basket collection of pretty wallpapers and get more ideal images.

  17. Study for fun

    Talented people can turn dreary tasks into art with the help of a camera. Get this wallpaper for your MacBook Air or Pro from the Camera Sees Souls collection and look at humdrum things differently.

  18. Welcome to Twin City

    Twin houses laid out in a grid, square streets, right-angled lawns — this is the best wallpaper ever for those who are fascinated by architecture. Here, look at all the orderly beauty from the Small Town collection of quality wallpaper.

  19. Follow the signs

    If you’re waiting for a sign to get a new background, this is it. Check out the Street Writing collection of coolest wallpaper ever.

  20. Ladybug world

    How about a ladybug pattern? In the Plant Fractals collection you’ll find this and other popular nature wallpapers.

  21. Come in

    The forest in this background from the Forest Walk collection invites you for a photo walk. Narrow paths, bizarre trees, and abandoned huts look so good that you’ll easily win an Instagram photo contest.

  22. Take you home

    Get the best themed Mac wallpapers from the Railroad collection and remember to stick to your path even when you’re doubting yourself.

With these 22 best wallpapers for Mac, your desktop will be able to compete with the most popular Instagram accounts. So, choose an image that suits your Mac — or get all these desktop images in Wallpaper Wizard 2 and set a new one every day.

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