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20 crisp HD wallpapers for a more inspiring Mac.

Creatives drool over Apple displays for good reason: they’re crisp (displays, not creatives), they reproduce colors well, and they look like a work of art. But if you’re lucky to have one of those 4K beauties, you know how difficult it can be to find 4K backgrounds that are a decent match.

Fortunately, we went on an Internet quest for you and sourced a few thousand HD wallpapers for Mac that look every bit as stunning as the displays they are meant for. This post features twenty of our favorites, good enough to become an inspiration fix when you’re staring at your Mac’s screen in a creative deadlock. All of them are 4K HD wallpapers from Wallpaper Wizard 2, so you’ll want to get the app on the Mac App Store to set them on your desktop.

Our best 4K wallpapers for your inspiration:

  1. Instagram-y smoothie

    This wallpaper in 4K resolution is here to remind you of summer days. Yummy strawberry smoothie and you, lying in a hammock. A great combo, and the Vitamin Boost collection of wallpaper photos is all like that.

  2. Millions of miles

    Even though you never know what the future holds, always keep going. This and a dozen other wallpapers in the En Route collection remind you that every bend in the road gets you closer to your dream.

  3. Get lost in music

    It’s okay to lose yourself for a little while — in art, books, or music. This Mac wallpaper for Retina displays will serve as an imaginary button to block out all sounds except for your favorite song. Check it out in the Play Me Something collection of awesome wallpaper.

  4. Mosaic texture

    Pastel 4K HD wallpapers like this can help you clear your head and concentrate on your daily tasks. So, pause to look at the never-ending rhombi whenever you become unfocused — or pick another mesmerizing pattern from the All the Walls collection of backgrounds.

  5. Worth a hundred words

    Sometimes you can’t find the right words to tell your story — but who said all stories must be told? Some of them can be photographed. This and many more photography-themed images are waiting in the I See You collection of laptop wallpaper.

  6. One-on-one with nature

    Nature is captivating. And sometimes — this is definitely the case — Retina wallpapers of nature are just as captivating. Take a closer look at this photo in the Mountain Residence collection of wallpapers.

  7. Turquoise sea

    These murmuring waves are calling for you. If you can’t pack your swimsuit and kick off a vacation right now, this wallpaper for your Retina display can be a splash of summer on your screen. So can any other from the Coastline Rocks collection — it’s filled to the brim with dramatic sea views.

  8. Wandering around

    This wallpaper from the Roaming the Earth collection is for travelers who like to get off the beaten track and wander around in athe wildest of places. Because that’s where the real adventure begins.

  9. Created to create

    No artwork has only one interpretation. Neither has this 4K resolution wallpaper: it resembles both an aim and an exotic flower. Contemplate its whimsical shapes in the Color Strokes collection of wallpapers, and maybe you’ll get an urge to pick up the brush yourself.

  10. Bridges over still water

    This macOS wallpaper in 4K resolution with a view on The City was made to stir your mind. Thousands of buildings and bridges connecting them — what do you think of when you look at this photo? Take a better look in the Bridges collection of wallpaper design.

  11. Say “cheese”

    There’s only one thing your Mac is missing: this Retina wallpaper of a retro camera. Know why? Because it’ll always make you smile. Here, look at all the good old things we’ve picked for the Retro Cameras collection of quality wallpaper.

  12. Home number 9

    Cozy 4K HD wallpapers like this one bring up memories of places where you feel at home. One glimpse, and you have a flashback to the comfiest town you’ve ever been to. The Small Town collection was made to give you that feeling.

  13. Row, row, row

    Two sun-lit rowing boats + HD photo = awesome Mac background. Get the Amsterdam Aura collection for your MacBook and pick a new wallpaper whenever you want a change of scenery.

  14. A sunbeam to warm you

    Sunny wallpapers for Retina displays are not only beautiful — they can easily cheer you up. Try this wallpaper design from our Silence of the Pine collection, it’s just one of a few dozen cheerful photos you’ll see there.

  15. Succulent plants

    People get houseplants for the joy of seeing them grow. But 4K desktop backgrounds with houseplants can be just as enjoyable, with the added benefit of not needing any care. Flip through the Houseplants collection of wallpapers and feast your eyes on succulent greenery.

  16. Cattitude to life

    Scientists say early risers are more productive, more optimistic, and have more time for the family than night owls. The cat in this 4K wallpaper says early risers are losers. Check out the Pat Your Cat collection of awesome wallpaper for more kitty wisdom.

  17. Cycling the city

    This background in 4K resolution is for people who can’t spend a day without a bike — in towns with tiny streets, in huge megapolises, or in the picturesque countryside. With the Bicycle Lifestyle collection, you’ll have a bike on your MacBook, too.

  18. Sereni-tea

    Tea is always a good idea. Especially in the company of a friend. Especially when the friend has tons of stories to tell. For more scenes like this, check out the Everyday Moments collection of beautiful wallpapers.

  19. The city of sun

    This Mac wallpaper in HD will look awesome on any display, because sunsets are great wherever they are. And this one can be right on your MacBook if you get the Story of My City collection of wallpapers.

  20. Life begins after breakfast

    The more delight you find in your morning coffee, the better your day. This high resolution wallpaper will help you start every day right — because a day’s got to be good when it starts with a cupcake. In the Chef’s Secret collection of wallpapers you’ll find this and other tasty goodies for your desktop.

So there you have ‘em, twenty beautiful HD 4K wallpapers that will be a finishing touch for your Retina display. It might be hard to choose which one you like the most, but the good news is you don’t have to: get all these desktop pictures in Wallpaper Wizard 2 and set a new one every time you need an inspiration boost.

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